Too much cow's milk could be unhealthy. Photo: Frank Radosevich / Radio Sweden.

Swedish study says too much milk may be a bad thing

"It may be associated with a higher rate of death"
5:09 min

Drinking lots of cow's milk may be bad for your health, according to a new study from Sweden.

The findings, published in the British Medical Journal on Wednesday, showed those with a higher milk intake – whether full-fat or skimmed – "may be associated with a higher rate of death" and women may suffer more bone fractures.

"Women who consumed three glasses or more per day had a 90 percent higher risk of death, 60 percent higher risk of hip fracture and 15 percent higher risk of any fracture compared to those who drank less than a glass," co-author Karl Michaelsson of Uppsala University told Radio Sweden.

Men, however, did not see the same difference in death and injury rates.

The study followed nearly 110,000 middle-aged and elderly Swedes for 11 years. The researchers said further work was needed before any conclusions or recommendations on milk consumption could be made, although Karl Michaelsson told Radio Sweden that he had now switched from milk to yoghurt.  

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