Graphic: Sveriges Radio.

Shootings continue in Sweden's largest cities despite police efforts

Despite increased policing, gun violence continues on the streets of Sweden's three largest cities, Swedish Radio News reports.

So far this year there have been 208 shootings in Malmö, Gothenburg and Stockholm, and 14 people have died from gunshot wounds. For all of 2013, there were 256 shooting in the three cities.

In the southern town of Malmö, police say there have been 90 different shootings in the municipality so far this year, even though the force launched Operation Olivia at the beginning of the year to crack down on violent crime.

But Mats Karlsson with Malmö police told Swedish Radio News that it was too early to draw any any conclusions.

"Whether it succeed or failed, it is too early to say. For we said from the beginning that we have to work in the very long term, this is not something we can solve in a short time," he said.

Another police force that has targeted the shootings is Gothenburg, where Hector Valeria works as a football coach.

"It's scary that they are shooting at each other. This is not a movie, this is reality," said Valeria who knows many of the gunshot victims.

In recent months there has been a decrease in shootings in Gothenburg, partly because the authorities have arrested and indicted several suspects, but also because many have died. Four of the total killed have come from Gothenburg.

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