More online abusers are being brought to book. Photo: Fredrik Sandberg / TT

More children dare to report internet sex abuse

Sweden has recently seen several large prosecutions against paedophiles who abused their targets over the net. And now the number of people reporting such crimes is rising steeply.

And three years ago there were 200 reports; last year it was 600, and so far this year there are already 900 such reports.

But Björn Sellström at the police’s criminal investigation department says to Swedish Radio the vast majority of girls in grade nine have been contacted in a sexual manner over the internet, to a greater  or lesser degree.

He says many people targeted by such abuse do not come forward, some because they are hit by feelings of guilt.

”Many of the children feel that they participated in what happened. Despite everything else it was nonetheless they who turned on the webcam,” says Björn Sellström to Swedish Radio News.

He warns that many of the perpetrators of such abuse are people with no crininal record, or open behavour that would mark them as likely abusers.


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