Swedish flights powered by cooking oil?

Scandinavian Airlines (SAS) and Norwegian Airlines are to try mixing old cooking oil with their plane fuel.

The first test flights will happen in November, with a ten percent addition of synthetic biofuel to the normal jet fuel.

On Tuesday the 4th  SAS will fly from Stockholm’s Arlanda to Östersund in the middle of Sweden. On the 11th both SAS and Norwegian will make flights within Norway upping the mix of oil to jet fuel to 45/55.

The SAS head of environment and sustainability says to news gency TT they have been testing this for a while, but have only just started in Scandinavia.  Lars Andersen Resare hopes that in the future waste products from the forestry industry could fuel the planes.

SAS environment  spokesperson Andersen Resare says a mix of about half cooking oil could reduce climate-damaging emissions by 40 percent.

But currently fuel based on vegetable oil custs up to three times as much as petroleum-based jet fuel.

A report suggests Norway may have a competitive price for biofuel by 2025.