The last 30 years were the warmest in 800 years for the northern hemisphere. Photo: Abdllah Shnawa / Sveriges Radio

Little time to stop runaway climate change

Humanity is close to the tipping point that would see catastrophic climate change, says the latest major summary of research so far.

Professor in Climatology Markku Rummukainen, at Sweden's Lund University, says the report confirms the climate is changing, that humans are mostly responsible, and that the change will continue.

Markku Rummukainen is one of the 830 scientists who have worked on compiling 30,000 scientific articles, as part of the United Nation's IPCC group.

Paul Watkinson, leader of the French delegation, says to newspaper Dagens Nyheter we will not be able to keep using fossil fuels after 2030, if we want to prevent the earth warming by more than two degrees.

The two-percent goal is aimed at preventing the most extreme effects of climate change.

At the upcoming Paris summit world leaders will meet to discuss what measures to take.

The previous summit, in Copenhagen in 2009, ended without any binding agreement from world leader.

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