The Swedish company offering a "carbon clean-up"

11 min

A Swedish company, Biorecro, is offering a technological solution to reducing carbon dioxide emissions in the atmosphere.

Biorecro's managing director Henrik Karlsson tells Radio Sweden how using Beccs, (Bio Energy with Carbon Capture and Storage), CO2 emissions from biomass can be taken from the atmosphere and stored thousands of meters below ground, resulting in negative emissions of carbon dioxide.

"We take CO2s, scrub it from the atsmosphere and put it back below ground where it came from. Most of this climate change problem is about taking stuff from the sub-surface and releasing it into the atmosphere. What we are working with is turning the tide and doing the reverse, which may sound impossible but it is quite scaleable and if not easy, is achieveable."

He explains to Radio Sweden how carbon capture works.

"If you do it from a fossil fuel plant, such as a power plant, you put a hose onto the smoke stack and lead the gasses into a big scrubbing chamber where the co2 is removed and pumped into the ground, thousands of meters deep where it can easily be dispersed or stored for millions of years. If you do it from bio energy plants, you remove co2 from the atmosphere, because co2 comes froom bio mass."  

Biorecro is working with companies in the US and also with some countries in Europe to develop the idea.