The Norwegian flag. Photo: Larsen, Håkon Mosvold/TT

Young Swedes warned not to work in Norway

Labour unions are recommending young Swedes not to go to Norway as guest workers since they could risk getting tricked by dishonest employers.

"There have been several cases of dishonest employers within Oslo's restaurant industry. They have taken advantage of young people who are unaware of their rights," Ida Tolgensbakk, a PhD candidate at the University of Oslo, told Swedish Radio's P4 Väst station.

Tolgensbakk has done research on Swedish guest workers in Norway for several years.

Temporary and unpaid work, jobs without a contract, low salaries and few benefits are examples of traps that young people who accept jobs in Norway can fall into.

Torbjörn Ness of the Norwegian Confederation of Trade Unions (LO) works with informing Swedes about their rights.

"At our meetings with Swedish youngsters this year, we have noticed that more and more Swedes work under worse conditions than their Norwegian colleagues," Ness said.

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