Witness: foreign military pointed weapon at cars

Some people in Jönköping county are troubled by the behavior of foreign military forces which are visiting Sweden as part of joint training exercises, according to Swedish Radio News.

One driver got in touch with Swedish Radio P4 Jönköping to report witnessing soldiers in a foreign military vehicle pointing an automatic weapon at cars on the 47/48 highway between Mullsjö and Jönköping.

Another person from Eksjö reported feeling uncomfortable after seeing a foreign soldier or soldiers "waving" a shotgun.

The head of information at the Swedish Armed Forces, Maddelena Lago, told P4 Jönköping that the exercises are meant to be as realistic as possible, "but that no one should feel worried that weapons are being pointed at someone for real."

Olof Johansson, the deputy director of the exercises, told P4 Jönköping that it is a normal behavior for soldiers who are involved in a military effort and where there is a threat, to look out through their sights, but he said the instructions have been changed so that the soldiers can no longer aim at civilians or their cars.

The military exercises Joint Action 2014 are taking place until November 12 in Uppsala, Kvarn, Eksjö, Skillingaryd and Hagshult. Sweden, Estonia, Finland, Ireland, Latvia, Lithuania and Norway are participating as part of the EU Nordic Battle Group, according to P4 Jönköping.

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