All Swedish films in SF Bio cinemas will get Swedish subtitles. Photo:Bertil Ericson.TT

Swedish subtitles for Swedish films

The country's largest cinema chain, SF Bio, from next month will put Swedish subtitles on showings of all its domestic films. 

The company said its decision was to help deaf and the hard of hearing cinema goers and had been taken following dialogue with the Swedish National Association of the Deaf and the Hard of Hearing Association.

"We believe this is a long-awaited news for very many cinema goers," says Thomas Runfors, information officer at SF Bio. He said on the company's website: "It's not just customers with hearing difficulties who sometimes have difficulty understanding the dialogue on Swedish films."

Today, all films arrive to cinema on a hard drive, and in most cases, subtitles are available. In some cases this is lacking, but SF Bio hopes that eventually all film copies will be provided with Swedish text.

"There may be some films with Swedish dialogue that initially may not have subtitles, but our hope is that all film companies will ensure that subtitles will be provided on all titles," Thomas Runfors says.

Subtitles will be available from December 5.

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