Both left and right reached out to the pariah Sweden Democrat Party. Photo montage: Sveriges Radio

Local right and left deal with Sweden Democrats

In one local council both the conservative Moderates and the Left Party agreed with the Sweden Democrats to vote down the proposed council chairs.

None of the parties liked the Social Democrat candidate. But the parties’ national leadership have forbidden working with the Sweden Democrats, because of its roots in the white power movement, and current policies seen as xenophobic.

“I can see how it looks strange, but it’s not a political issue in that sense. We had no confidence in the Social Democrat candidate” says Left Party spokesperson Samuel Johansson, in the southern county of Bromölla.

But Left Party national secretary-general says they strongly recommend never cooperating with the Sweden Democrats, and this has never happened before.

The national Moderate Party also criticises its local branch in Bromölla. “It’s not ok,” says party secretary Kent Persson to Swedish Radio News.

The local Moderates also started to cooperate with the Sweden Democrats in Vingåker, but were forced to stop by the national party.

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