The ten person who do not use the net say they are not interested. Photo: TT

A million Swedes not connected to the web

Three out of four Swedes use the internet every day at home. But a million are not connected to the web at all, according to new statistics.

The biggest change over the last few years is an explosion of the use of computer tablets, according to the annual report from the Internet Infrastructure Foundation .SE.

In 2011, only five percent had a computer tablet, now more than half of the households own one. And among families with small children, that number is four out of five.

The use of internet has increased, with 91 percent of the population now connected to the web. for people up to the age of 75, more than half use the internet in the homes - a sign that people who have used internet at work, take it with them into retirement.

The ones who don't use internet so much are usually over 75. When they are asked why, most of them will say it is because they are not interested.

Other data from the report:

• Swedes spend more time on the internet. 21,6 hours per week in 2014, compared to 19,9 hours last year.

• 73 percent of the population had access to smartphones, and 54 percent connect to the web every day.

• 76 percent of those surveyed use internet daily in their homes. That number was 62 percent in 2009.

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