Complaint about racism at work will not be investigated

Authorities are refusing to investigate a case in which a man reported that he had been subject to racism at work, saying that a colleague had referred to him by using the word "Negro" ("neger" in Swedish).

The incident allegedly took place in the work lunch room last year. The colleague had been sitting with the man, and one other black-skinned person and had apparently said, "Look, I'm here. I'm sitting here with two Negros," according to Swedish Radio P4 Malmö.

However, the police decided not to carry out a preliminary investigation. The prosecutor said that though the word is not appropriate, "the word itself doesn't have any disparaging or insulting meaning so that it might be used to hurt another person's self-esteem."

However, the accuser saw this judgement as yet another insult: "They said that it's not disparaging to call someone 'nigger'," he said.

The decision not to open a preliminary investigation was appealed, but neither of the two prosecutors in charge of making that decision agreed, because it only happened once.

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