The synthetic drug which can go by the name spice. Photo:Ed Andrieski/TT
Photo:Ed Andrieski/TT

Law change to crackdown on Spice

Sweden is to launch a major legal crackdown on the potentially deadly synthetic pot drug Spice which is sweeping the country.

Newspaper Dagens Nyheter wrote on Sunday that a government health agency has been working on identifying the various chemicals that can go into the synthetic concoction in order for them to be banned from sale, making it much harder in the future for people, particularly young Swedes searching a legal high, to buy the drug online.

Anders Persson at the Swedish Public Health Agency told DN that it has been very difficult to ban spice because the drugs dealers have always been one step ahead of the police, mixing new legal synthetic molecules after existing ones have been classified as a drug. But he said that the EU's anti-drugs programme EMCDDA has found about 90 varieties of spice and by next year, Sweden will have banned 84 of them, if the government accepts the Public Health Agency's proposal.

However, drugs squad office Niklas Lindroth is less optimistic. "The problem is that they just move somewhere else and come up with new ways to anonymize the trade,". He adds that the spice-sellers are using so-called hidden networks on the internet where the drug is sold.

Spice is a generic name for synthetic cannabinoids and has recently caused several deaths and serious injuries.

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