Photo:Dave Russell
A view taken from the office window today. You get used to it. Photo.Dave Russell/Radio Sweden

November in Sweden has never been so grey

Northern Kiruna has enjoyed a few hours of sunshine but for the south of the country it's nearing a record dark, grey, miserable month of November, says met office SMHI.

While the southern part of the country is well on its way towards a record low amount of sunshine hours, its a different story in Lappland, writes news agency TT.

Only in the northern mountains is there a chance to catch a glimpse of sun, while a thick cloud cover over virtually the entire country will remain, according to Alexandra Ohlsson at SMHI. "Possibly there may be some gaps in the cloud cover over northern Sweden, at least towards the end of the week."

The sunshine figures are miserable. Växjö has so far scraped together one hour of sunshine this month, Stockholm two and Borlänge three.
Northern Kiruna though tops the list with 36 hours and can beat its own record of 40 sunlit hours before the month is over.

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