Яаз39 Грипен - ВВС Чехии. Фото:Flickr/Jeroen Bos
JAS Gripen planes scrambled to met the French plane:Flickr/Jeroen Bos

French plane violated Swedish airspace

The Swedish Armed Forces has confirmed that a foreign aircraft entered Swedish airspace on Saturday, but says it was French and not Russian as initially reported by tabloid Expressen.

Swedish JAS Gripen fighter jets reportedly confronted the French plane over the weekend.

"I can confirm that a French plane was in Swedish airspace on Saturday," military spokesperson Jesper Tengroth told Expressen. He would not say why the plane was in Swedish territory.

The information about a new infringement comes almost exactly two months after another scandal when two Russian planes entered Swedish airspace. The Ministry for Foreign Affairs confirmed that incident.


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