Happy Sweden Democrats on election night. Photo: Anders Wiklund/ TT
Happy Sweden Democrats on election night. Photo: Anders Wiklund/ TT

Moderates lost voters to Sweden Democrats

The face of the main anti-immigrant party seems to be changing, according to a new survey, which indicates that disaffected voters who used to support the conservative Moderates have turned instead to the Sweden Democrat party.

During national elections this fall, the Sweden Democrats became the country's third largest party, winning 7.2 percent more of the popular vote than they had four years prior. 

A new survey reveals that the "new" Sweden Democrat voter is no longer a young, unemployed man in the countryside with limited education, but a former Moderate who agrees with the party's hard-line stance on immigration.

Commissioned by the think tank Timbro, the polling company Demoskop has interviewed 3900 randomly selected Swedes who are eligible to vote and who have taken part in an internet panel.

The survey found that among the party's new supporters, there were more women than before and also more people aged between 45-64 than before. There are also more people with average income, and not just low income.

The survey confirms that many of the party's new supporters are people who used to vote for the conservative Moderate party. Four out of five of the new SD-voters see immigration and integration as the main reason for them to vote for the anti-immigration party.

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