Avloppsvatten i ett reningsverk. Foto:TT
Avloppsvatten i ett reningsverk. Foto:TT

More meat in our diet causes sewage problems

All the meat in our daily diet has become a challenge to the waste-water treatment centres around the country, as more meat means more nitrogen in the waste water, Swedish Radio News reports.

In Gothenburg the company Gryab is now building a new, SEK 360 million waste-water treatment centre focused on taking care of the nitrogen, which contributes to algal blooming if it is let out into the sea.

The company has investigated the source of the increased amount of nitrogen which has made its way into the waste water, and found that the increase is not coming from industry, but from households.

Statistics from the Swedish Board of Agriculture show that Swedes eat over thirty percent more meat now compared to 1980.

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