wallström, israel
Margot Wallström / Soldiers searching the area near the Jerusalem synagogue. Photos: TT and Ronen Zvulu/Reuters.

Wallström: "This is turning into a religious conflict"

Reacting to this morning's attack on a Jerusalem synagogue where four people were killed and several injured, Sweden's foreign minister said she is worried about developments in the region.

Margot Wallström told Swedish Radio News that we are witnessing a movement towards a "religious conflict".

Wallström said: 

“We have seen clashes and tensions earlier that have built up to what now looks like a movement towards a religious conflict. It foments this conflict, as you can tell from the reactions that are very harsh - from the Israeli side, too. This is serious and I think everyone feels worried about the development.”

Four Israelis were killed and several injured as two Palestinian men armed with a pistol and meat cleavers attacked worshippers at the West Jerusalem synagogue on Tuesday morning. Three of the victims were American and one was British, but all four had Israeli citizenship.

Jerusalem has seen weeks of unrest, partly fuelled by tension over a disputed holy site within the walls of the Old City. Muslims refer to the site as al-Haram al-Sharif, while Jews call it Temple Mount.


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