Stockholm City Hall. Photo: Anders Wiklund/TT
Stockholm City Hall. Photo: Anders Wiklund/TT

Stockholm tired of being the capital?

Provoked by the centre-left majority in Stockholm City council's decision to close Bromma Airport by 2022, one conservative MP now wants to review whether Stockholm ought to be "liberated" from the responsibility of being the country's capital.

"The state institutions must be available to the rest of the country, and if there is not sufficient local support in Stockholm for the task of being the capital, the state should give the job to another city that would take over the long-term role as capital," Moderate MP Lotta Olsson, writes in a private member's bill to parliament.

According to Olsson, a capital must be available to the rest of the country, and the politicians in the City Hall have not prioritised car and air traffic to the capital. In addition to the proposal of closing Bromma airport, the Social Democrats, the Greens and the Left Party in City have have agreed to postpone a major road project, that is aimed to solve some of the bottle-neck problems for Stockholm commuters.

"There are several cities that are placed more centrally in the country than Stockholm, and that long-term would suit very well as a capital," Olsson writes and notes that "Washington D.C, is the political centre of the US, but certainly not the biggest city in the US".

The private member's bills are tabled in the Swedish parliament every year in the autumn. This year, just over 2,900 such proposals were handed in. It is a chance for individual MPs to take a stance and make themselves heard. Some of them are also slightly tongue-in-cheek. Only 1,6 of these proposals from individual MPs were successful in the last parliament.

Asked by Swedish Radio P4 which alternative capital she would like to see, Lotta Olsson - who comes from Örebro, in the centre of southern Sweden - was diplomatic. "I think there are several towns in central Sweden that would want to take on the job," she said.

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