Suzanne Osten. Foto: Marc Femenia/TT
Suzanne Osten. Photo: Marc Femenia/TT

New film ambassador: kids want the truth

"Kids want to see how life really is"
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The Swedish Film Institute is putting children's movies in focus today after naming its first film ambassador, Suzanne Osten, who will work to try to get films that are geared towards younger audiences to be more interesting. 

"(Kids) want to see how life really is," Osten, who will assume the two-year post to raise the status of children's films in the country, tells Radio Sweden.

She says that the view of children's films tend to be a bit nostalgic. "Commercial producers don't want to disturb the parents and the schools, so they go for more idyllic and simplified stories," she says.

But according to Osten, "(Kids) want to see drama, they want to be horrified, they want to have the truth, they want to have strange, fantastic, and they want glamour and they want sex, they want relations."

In her work as ambassador, Osten wants to highlight research about how film affects the brains of children, and she also wants to speak with teachers and parents about their values.

"I think (kids) should be more challenged by adult perspective," she says, "We need a more enlightened generation of adult artists doing interesting stuff."

Osten has worked as a screenwriter and director of films and plays over the past 40 years.

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