Vattenfall coal power plant in Germany. Photo: Matthias Rietschel/AP
Vattenfall coal power plant in Germany. Photo: Matthias Rietschel/AP

Germany considers shutting down more coal power plants

The German government wants to further reduce the carbon dioxide emitted by the county's largest energy producers, which includes Swedish state-owned company Vattenfall.

According to media reports, the plans can lead to the shutting down of more coal power plants.

Germany has set a goal to reduce their emissions by 40 percent (compared to 1990 levels) by 2020. Next week the German government will decide about a new initiative related to achieving this goal.

Media reports state that the big energy companies will be forced to reduce their total carbon dioxide emissions by a further 22 million over the next six years, according to media reports from news agency Reuters and German newspaper der Spiegel.

The companies will be allowed to decide themselves how they will reduce emissions, but according to Reuters, government officials say that eight more coal power plants will have to be shut down in Germany in order to comply with the new requirements.

Vattenfall has said earlier that they have been looking to sell their German coal plants. The question now is whether the government's decision will affect Vattenfall's plans.

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