Årets julklapp är träningsarmbandet som räknar dina steg, registrerar din sömn och berättar ungefär hur många kalorier du gör av med. Foto: Pontus Lundahl / TT.
The fitness bracelet counts one's steps, records sleep patterns and reports roughly how many calories its wearer burns. Photo: Pontus Lundahl / TT.

Fitness bracelet named Christmas present of the year

The Swedish Retail Institute has selected the digital fitness bracelet as its Christmas Present of the Year ("Årets julklapp").

"Health is trendy, and we probably have never worked out as much as we do now," Fredrik Koterjahn, head of marketing at the institute, tells news agency TT.

Fitness bracelets are worn around the wrists and monitor a person's efforts as they work out. The bands, for example, can measure how many steps someone takes and how many calories they burn, and also keeps track of how well a person sleeps

The institute has been coming out with a Christmas Present of the Year since 1988, and over the years, they have included a CD player (1991), a mobile phone (1994), an internet package (1996), and a tablet computer (2010). One criterion for the selection is that it must represent the era in which we live.

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