Ambulans har kört av vägen och krockat med en stolpe. Motorhuven har blivit mycket bucklig. Foto: Joel Wendle/Sveriges Radio
An ambulance that's gone off the road. Photo: Joel Wendle/Sveriges Radio

Sleeping at the ambulance wheel

A survey by the Swedish Association of Health Professionals has found that over 300 nurses have at some point or another fallen asleep at the ambulance wheel.

Jörgen Lundälv, an associate professor in traffic medicine at Umeå University, told the association newspaper Vårdfokus, "This is shocking and shows a widespread problem."

On Friday, the Gothenburg district court will rule in a case where the region of Västra Götaland has demanded that a company pay fines after a nurse, at the end of a 24-hour long workday, drove into a ditch.

The association's chair, Sineva Ribeiro, is critical of these long work days, telling the newspaper, "We would never accept that a pilot or a truck-driver would have to work 24 hours at a stretch, because of safety concerns."

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