Photo: Henrik Montgomery / TT
Photo: Henrik Montgomery / TT

Government gets knuckles rapped over health plans

The Swedish Council on Legislation says new government health care plans are against the constitution, Swedish Radio news reports.

The council, which looks at possible legislation, says the government has not lived up to constitutional demands when it comes to consultation on the plans, and the plans cannot therefore form the basis of any legislation.

Local authorities currently are obliged to let residents pick their own doctor or health clinic, and to allow clinics to set up wherever they want, but the minority Social Democrat/Green government together with their Left Party allies in parliament want that to be voluntary instead, giving the authorities the possibility to scrap the freedom of choice.

However, a majority in parliament wants to keep the current system.

The parliamentary health and social affairs committee reported the government to the Council on Legislation to protest at the speed that the government wants to try to introduce the changes.

They only gave interested parties three weeks to comment on the proposals, for example, and did not investigate the effects scrapping the freedom of choice legislation would have on patients and doctors, the council adds.

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