Football goalie Johan Albåge from IFK Göteborg took part in the Movember campaign. Photo: TT
Football goalie Johan Albåge from IFK Göteborg took part in the Movember campaign. Photo: Movember

Moustache month is coming to an end

Campaigners behind the moustache challenge Movember say the initiative has caught on in Sweden. Twice as many Swedes let the hair on their top lip grow this year, compared to last.

The international charity campaign encourages men to let their facial hair grow in November, to increase awareness about men's health and to raise money for research into prostate cancer and testicular cancer. Last year, some 5600 people registered on the campaign's Swedish website, this year they were 12,500. And the money raised has increased from SEK 1,5 million to about the double.

And the campaign is raising awareness, campaign manager Lotta Witzell told the news agency TT.
"That is the whole point with the moustache, that it should get people to talk about men's health. Because you cannot grow a moustache without people starting to ask what is going on," she said.

So on Monday, 12,500 swedes will get to shave off their moustache again. Among them, IFK Gothenburg's football goalie John Alvbåge, who has been the initiator of his team's Movember group. He estimates that they alone have raised SEK 50,000 for the charity through the initiative.

And he is not 100 per cent sure he will shave it off.

"It is beginning to look good now, I think. You can see the result. I am pretty happy with it. The first week, I thought it went a bit slow, I almost had like a youthful "moped moustache", but it is beginning to sort itself out now," he told TT.

He said he is considering to grow a full-on David Seaman (former England goalkeeper) type moustache next year. "I have not decided yet," he said.

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