Det finns mängder av digitala radioapparater, här en med bildskärm. Foto: Per Gustafsson/SR
Digital radio. Photo: Per Gustafsson/SR

Report proposes turning off FM radio in 2022

FM radio should be replaced by digital radio where there are more channels available for the public broadcaster and for commercial radio, according to a report commissioned by the former government, which was released on Monday.  

Commercial stations and Swedish Radio (to which Radio Sweden belongs) want to move to digital, but it is not certain if the new government wants to invest the money necessary to make the switch over.

The report was commissioned by former Minister of Culture Lena Adelsohn-Liljeroth (conservative Moderates) while she was in office. Now members of the governing Green Party and the Social Democrats will consider findings.

The report's adoption is less than certain, however, since the Social Democrats came out against the switch over in 2005.

Preparation for the switch will be complete in two years according to government-sector coordinator Nina Wormbs who was to present the plan on Monday. Wormbs writes in the Swedish daily newspaper Dagens Nyheter that the FM broadcast band, which is essentially full to its capacity, will be cut off in 2022.

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