Jimmie Åkesson. Arkivbild, foto: Rebecka Montelius/Sveriges Radio
Party leader Jimmie Åkesson, who is currently on sick leave. Archive photo: Rebecka Montelius/Sveriges Radio

Uncertain if Jimmie Åkesson is back before election

The Sweden Democrats welcome a new election campaign. At a press conference after prime minister Stefan Löfvens announcement, the temporary leader of the party, Mattias Karlsson, said they want the next election to become a referendum on immigration.

"We will try to get as much focus as possible on whether we are going to increase immigration or not," Karlsson told Swedish Radio News.

He also said that because the Social Democrat Stefan Löfven has decided to go into the election together with the Green party, which he calls "a pretty small and, on these issues, a very radical party" Löfven will be his party's main opponent in the election campaign.

"I don't feel that I have caused political chaos," Karlsson told reporters, and said it is Löfven who is at fault for not speaking to the Sweden Democrats.

Asked if the leader of the party, Jimmie Åkesson, who is on sick leave for exhaustion, will take part in the election campaign, Karlsson said: "It remains to be seen if Jimmie Åkesson is back by the election campaign." He said he has not been discussing the issue at length with the party leader. If Åkesson is not back by then, Karlsson says he is happy to continue leading the party.

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