Carin Jämtin under valnatten 2014. Foto: Claudio Bresciani/TT.
Photo: Claudio Bresciani/TT.

Activists face election campaign in the snow

Less than three months after the last election, politicians are gathering strength to doorstep the Swedish public for another election, but there's one potential problem, and it's not boredom, it's the snow.

The Social Democrats' party secretary Carin Jämtin was on Thursday locked in talks with the party's 26 district chairmen about when to begin campaigning in earnest for the new election on March 22, 2015.

She told news agency TT that the time to begin is not now. She said."One cannot start now. We don't want to. No one wants to. The voters certainly don't want us to. One cannot drive an election campaign for four months. It's too long."

"At the same time there's an unbelievable drive in the party organisation. I know several places around the country where there are people carrying out party activities at the weekend. In some places, people were out and knocking on doors last night," she told TT.

The campaign will begin in earnest, she said, a month before election day, although the winter weather will make it difficult. "It's winter. It is more difficult to campaign when there is snow." 

Carin Jämtin said that it would not be too difficult to carry out a new election campaign, with all the mechanisms still in place from September, such as telephone campaigns, door-stepping methods and campaign strategies for social media. 

They won't be, she said, rehashing the old posters from the last campaign to save money.


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