Syrianska kurder står bakom stängsel vis Turkiska gränsen. Foto: Vadim Ghirda/TT
Syrian kurds at the Turkish boarder. Photo: Vadim Ghirda/TT.

Amnesty sees Sweden as model for Syria refugees

Other countries should follow Sweden's lead and accept more refugees uprooted by Syria's civil war, rights group Amnesty International said Friday.

Right now, Sweden and Germany together have received 96,500 new Syrian asylum applications in the last three years, representing 64 percent of all such applications in the European Union.

Amnesty says many countries, both in and outside of the EU, must do more, Swedish Radio News reports.

"Around 3.8 million refugees from Syria are being hosted in five main countries within the region: Turkey, Lebanon, Jordan, Iraq and Egypt," said Amnesty. "Only 1.7 percent of this number have been offered sanctuary by the rest of the world."

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