Lundsberg School was the scene of an incident where a pupil was burned with an iron as part of an initiation ritual. Photo: Jessica Gow/TT
Lundsbergs skola är ett av de tre riksinternaten. Foto: Jessica Gow/TT.

Elite schools get major funding cut

Sweden's elite boarding schools are no longer allowed to charge fees, the government announced on Thursday, fulfilling a plans made by the previous centre-right government.

The schools will not even get a special state subsidy any longer. This will mean a significant drop in funding for the schools, reports Swedish Radio News.

“This is about making schools more equal”, says Social Democrat minister for further education Aida Hadzialic.

No new ”national boarding schools” will be allowed.

This elite class of school counts royals and man top politicians among its alumni. It was the revelations that a system of organised bullying still remains in the schools that set in place these reforms, first under Liberal education minister Jan Björklund.

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