Refugee family along the Turisk - Syrian border. Photo: Lefteris Pitarakis/AP/TT

Swedish Kurds truck aid to refugees in Turkey

"Most of this stuff will be given to those who have nothing."
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With millions of refugees amassing in the countries around Syria since war erupted there in 2011, Kurds in Sweden have begun creating small groups to truck aid and relief supplies to those most in need along the Turkish-Syrian border.

The Ronak Help Center in Uppsala has sent more than a metric ton of supplies to Kurdish refugees in southeastern Turkey to help out.

Rehber Bilger, who helped to get the group going, has worked late in the night for many weeks packing boxes of clothes and medical supplies to prepare for delivery.

"Most of this stuff will be given to those who have nothing this winter," Bilger said.

The relief goods are trucked from Sweden through to Germany, the Czech Republic, Austria, Hungary, the Balkans and then into Bulgaria and finally Turkey. Once the goods arrive in Mardin, along the Turkish Syrian border, they are distributed to NGOs who make sure supplies get to the right people.

More than 150,000 Syrian Kurds have entered Turkey since the border was opened to refugees on September 19th, and the United Nations warns that number could soon climb as high as 400,000 as they flee the conflict between government troops, rebel soldiers and jihadist groups in Syria.

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