Anders Borg. Photo: Staffan Löwstedt / SvD / TT
Anders Borg. Photo: Staffan Löwstedt / SvD / TT

Former Finance Minister Borg says new election is "irresponsible"

Former Swedish Finance Minister Anders Borg has criticized Prime Minister Stefan Löfven's decision to call a new election.

Speaking in an extended interview with Swedish Radio News this afternoon, Borg says he does not thing the election will solve anything, and could instead cause "more problems" with the xenophobic Sweden Democrats.

Borg claims that Löfven could have negotiated a deal with the four centre-right Alliance parties, if he had changed his negotiation tactics and come with a concrete offer: "He seems to think he is still working in the labour market and that this is some employer organisation that has to come to him with a deal", Borg says in the interview. "The most natural thing (for Löfven) would have been to sit down and re-write his election manifesto, then given the Alliance some proposals that they could discuss", Borg adds.

Anders Borg quit politics after his centre-right government lost the September general election. He has now moved on to the business world.

The interview will be broadcast on Swedish Radio P1 at 12.55.

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