Authorities to take fight against TV alcohol ads to European Commission

The Swedish Consumer Agency and the Swedish Broadcasting Authority have once again taken up the fight to stop adverts for alcohol on Swedish television channels broadcasting from the UK.

Advertisements on TV channels based in Sweden are strictly regulated, with all adverts for alcohol strictly banned.

However, some channels aimed directly at the Swedish market, such as TV3, Kanal 5, TV 6, TV 8 and Kanal 9, get around the legislation through broadcasting via the UK. That means they can follow the more relaxed British legislation.

The Swedish authorities have previously tried to get the channels to stop advertising by going through the British broadcasting authority Ofcom, but with no success.

The Swedish Consumer Agency and the Swedish Broadcasting Authority will now approach the European Commission to see if they can apply the Swedish rules directly to the tv channels, which would mean taking them to a Swedish court if necessary. In a press release the agencies say it is unclear at the moment whether that would be legal, according to EU legislation.

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