På JD Stenqvist AB i småländska Nissafors tillverkas det papperskassar. 40 % av tillverkningen går på export. Inklippt: SEB:s chefekonom Robert Bergqvist. Foto: Björn Larsson Rosvall och Anders Wiklund/TT
SEB Chief Economist Robert Bergqvist

Weak neighbours drag down Sweden

Sweden's economy is performing better than its close neighbours. But that is dragging this Nordic nation down analysts say, since there are not enough buyers for Sweden's industrial and consumer exports.

The Chief Economist at the banking group SEB, Robert Bergqvist, says to Swedish Radio News that things are getting worse.

Norway has been hit by lower oil prices, he says. Germany is hit by weak EU economies and the uncertainty with Russia. And he says Finland has structural problems in its industries and has also been damaged because of its links to Russia.


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