Images of the war in Syria may have made Swedes more supportive of aid work. Photo: Ottavia Massimo/Flickr
Сирия - война. Фото: Ottavia Massimo/Flickr

Few Swedes want to cut aid budget

A survey by the aid agency Sida suggests that only 16 percent of people in Sweden want to cut the country's traditionally large aid budget.

And the amount of people who want to keep or increase the amount spent is at its highest level in decades, reports Swedish television SVT.

Two-thirds of those who responded to the poll say they want Sweden to contribute the same or more

Polling company SCB was commissioned to carry out the survey in October and November.

The head of Sida, Charlotte Petri Gornitzka, says she thinks the result is part of a trend, which has become stronger recently because crises have come closer. "We see war in Syria, and its effects, we see the problems with Ebola, and we understand the situation for people who are fleeing," says the general-director to SVT.

The poll also suggests a major rise in the amount thinking aid and development assistance actually works. From fewer than two in ten (2004), to almost four in ten (2014).

The survey also suggests that public faith in Sida, and the UN and EU has never been higher.


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