Varg. Foto: Jonas Ekströmer/TT.
The Swedish authorities have said that the country's wolf population is so large it needs to be culled. Photo: Jonas Ekströmer/TT.

Court says no scientific backing for wolf hunt

A court decision may stop hunters getting licenses to hunt wolves next year.

The new ruling says the Environmental Protection Agency was wrong when it said Sweden could ignore the EU rules on protecting wild creatures and their habitats.

It had been planned to allow hunters to apply for permission to shoot 40 wolves in the areas with higher population. But the court says the EPA does not have scientific backing for allowing a wolf hunt.

Some areas may see a wolf hunt. The Värmland and Örebro counties are still working on the cases until the 12th of january, although Dalarna looks likely to not allow one.

If the EPA appeals this decision then the wolf hunt will go ahead. But that would mean even more criticism from the EU on Sweden's right to ignore EU rules on wild creatures.

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