Värmebölja i Sverige
Record heat drove up average temperatures across the country. Photo: TT

Record-high temperatures in Sweden

After a sweltering summer and a mild autumn, 2014 goes down as the warmest year in recorded history in Sweden.

While we are still two days shy of the new year, the Swedish weather service SMHI can without a doubt say that 2014 was record hot, news agency TT reports. Even if temperatures should drop drastically over the next 24 hours, it would not be enough to put a dent in the yearly average temperature.

Spread across the year, the average temperature for 2014 was between 6.85 and 6.9 degrees Celsius. That is well above the previous record of 6.73 degrees, dating back to 1934. In a normal year in Sweden, the average temperature is around 4.7 degrees Celsius.

The unusually hot summer, followed by the massive forest fire in Västmanland, added to the high temperatures.

Sweden is not the only country to experience a hike in temperatures. Instead, 2014 looks to be the warmest year for the European continent as a whole.

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