Gotlands tingsrätt. Foto: Henrik Wallenius/SR Gotland
Gotland District Curt, Photo: Henrik Wallenius/SR Gotland

Prison for men who tricked girls into performing sex acts

Two men have been sentenced to several years' imprisonment for manipulating around 40 young girls into posing nude on the internet.

The Gotland District Court sentenced one of the men to five years' prison over close to 700 counts of criminal acts targeting the girls. The other man was convicted of almost 150 criminal acts and was given a sentence of two years and nine months in prison, Swedish Radio News reports.

The men pretended to be boys online and tricked the girls into posing nude and performing acts of a sexual nature, including penetration, in front of a web camera. The youngest girls were around 10 years old. Many of them are suffering from emotional trauma following the events.

While the men were found guilty of child pornography as well as sexual harassment, they were not convicted of sexual abuse. Prosecutor Charlotta Tanner told the TT news agency that she will likely appeal the sentences to try and get a conviction for sexual abuse. She says that the fact that the men were not physically present during the abuse does not make the crimes less serious in nature.

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