alliansen decemberöverenskommelsen
The leaders of Sweden's centre-right Alliance opposition. Photo: Henrik Montgomery/TT

Top Alliance politicians call for separate budgets

Leading members of Sweden’s centre-right Alliance want their parties to formulate their own economic policies and present separate spring budgets.

“I think voters, to a greater extent, want to see what the differences are between the four Alliance parties,” Ebba Busch Thor, a member of the Christian Democrat Party’s board, told Dagens Nyheter.

Within the Centre Party and the Liberal Party, there are also more vocal proponents now for breaking up the Alliance’s collaboration on economic policy.

“There is strong support within the party to present our own budget, though we have not asked members about the spring budget in particular,” said Johan Linander, a member of the Centre Party’s board.

“We campaigned with a common budget [ahead of the September general election] but now we should advance on our own,” said Ulrika Landergren of the Liberal Party.

According to Dagens Nyheter, there is greater enthusiasm within the three smaller centre-right parties to present separate budgets than within the conservative Moderate Party – Sweden’s biggest opposition party.

However, members of the parties’ executive boards insisted that next year’s spring budget complements the Alliance budget that was approved by parliament four weeks ago. The Alliance will probably present a common budget proposal in April, too, representatives of the Centre Party, the Liberal Party and the Christian Democrats told Dagens Nyheter.

Party group leaders speaking to the newspaper were keen to tone down rumours of splits within the Alliance.


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