Picture from a windy day in southern Sweden last year. Photo:Johan Nilsson / TT
Picture from a windy day in southern Sweden last year. Photo:Johan Nilsson / TT

Stormy weather on its way from the west

Stormy weather is expected in parts of southern and western Sweden over the next 24 hours. And trains between Uddevalla and Strömstad on the west coast will be cancelled completely this evening.

From 8 pm on Thursday evening until lunchtime on Friday, no trains will be running on the Northern Bohusbanan between Uddevalla and Strömstad, since there is concern trees may be falling over the tracks.

"We take these precautions by extreme weather conditions. It is better to cancel, than having passengers stranded," Beisi Sundin, press officer at the Swedish Transport Administration told Swedish Radio News.

The class 2 weather warning issued by the Swedish Met Office SMHI concerns the west coast, and an area stretching east to the two big lakes and Jönköping county, as well as the islands of Öland and Gotland on the west coast. The winds are expected to reach up to 27 metres per second.

The winds will increase in power on Thursday evening, reaching full force on the west coast in the early hours of Friday morning, and then moving east after that. Also other parts of the country will be affected, with first class weather warnings issued for Örebro and Stockholm counties.

The Met Office weather warnings range is 1-3, with the first one referring to weather that is expected to lead to "certain risks" to the public and "disturbances" to for example public transport. A class two warning means there could be "danger to the public, large material damages" and "substantial disturbance" to important public services such as transport etc. The public is advised to follow the development via information on internet, radio and TV.

The most severe weather warning, class 3, is used when there is deemed to be "very big danger to the public" and "very substantial disturbances".

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