Photo: Jukka Tuominen/Sveriges Radio.
Photo: Jukka Tuominen/Sveriges Radio.

Storm Svea hits southern Sweden

The storm Svea has arrived in southern Sweden, with hundreds of households experiencing power outages, but the bad weather was not as bad as first feared.

Some ferry lines and rail traffic were suspended and precautions taken to deal with expected power failures.

The area around a wind power turbine in Blekinge was closed off because of the risk the blades might be torn off by the wind, but eventually technicians managed to shut it down. The storm has now mostly passed in the south, and has moved on to the Baltic islands of Öland and Gotland.

The weather service SMHI issued and then withdrew a Class 2 warning for the far south. Class 2 means there is a danger of damage to buildings, trees blowing over and a negative effect on essential public services.

Winds in the region reached 50 miles an hour, and at least 1600 households were without electricity. Ferries this evening between Gotland and mainland Sweden have been cancelled due to the strong winds.


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