Personal på en vårdavdelning på sjukhus. Foto: Bertil Ericson / TT
File photo of a hospital. Photo: Bertil Ericson / TT

Nurse leaves hospital: no sign of Ebola

A Swedish nurse who had been evacuated from Sierra Leone has been released from hospital as she shows no symptoms of Ebola.

She had been taken to Skåne University Hospital in Lund on Sunday night to make sure she did not have the deadly disease.

A team of specialists has stated that the woman is completely healthy and that she shows no signs of having contracted the Ebola virus.

However, she will remain in contact with the infectious diseases clinic.

"The procedure for everyone who has been to work in the effected countries is that we are extremely observant of signs of symptoms and fever for three weeks after they have come home," says Dr. Håkan Ringberg, deputy of infectious diseases at Region Skåne.

It is only after 18 days that doctors can know for sure whether she has the virus or not, he adds.

"She's completely healthy, free of fever and is doing well. She will need to stay at home and keep continual contact with the clinic," he says.

"I want to underline that it's not a question of whether this woman has Ebola, she has been exposed to a greater risk of getting infected in her work with the virus," Dr. Ringberg says.

The woman had worked as a nurse in Sierra Leone with the Swedish Civil Contingencies Agency. A couple of days ago, a part of her protective clothing broke, and she was called home to Sweden immediately as a safety measure.

"It's likely concentrated chlorine that corroded her clothing. The advantage with that is that chlorine could have killed the virus," says Ringberg.


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