Personerna på plats var besvikna. Polisen tog upp anmälningar. Foto: Lars-Peter Hielle/Sveriges Radio
Police were at the scene to register complaints after people turned up for their first day of work to find the gates closed and no boss in sight. Photo: Lars-Peter Hielle/Sveriges Radio

130 turned up for non-existent jobs

Some 130 people showed up early Monday morning at a warehouse outside of Växjö, thinking that they would be starting a new job, but feeling deceived when they got there to find the warehouse closed and the boss nowhere to be found, reports Swedish Radio P4 Kronoberg.

The Smålandsposten newspaper reports that they were to earn between SEK 25,000 and 34,000, per month, according to the contracts. 

A number of police officers came out to the site to register complaints and are investigating this as a case of dishonest conduct.

The newspaper reports that some of the people had even quit permanent jobs in order to take the new employment.

"I have a house and kids and have left a permanent job for this. Now, I'm totally without work and income," one man who wanted to remain anonymous told the paper.

As Swedish Radio reports, the people had learned that the electronics chain NetOnNet would be opening a new warehouse, and that a local company in cooperation with Alwex would open the warehouse today. 

"We would have started here, but the gates are closed and we can't get a hold of the person who employed us. This is phoney," said Amanda Frisk, who had hoped to start work today.

Emil Söderstjärna, who also got a "job" said that they had since found out through the union and through people in charge at Alwex that there was never any cooperation planned between them and Jusab.

Mats Lundmark, CEO of Alwex, said that they are not involved at all:

"No, I found about about this yesterday night when the Smålandsposten rang me and wondered if there was any truth in the rumor that we would start up a big new part of our work here in Vöxjö, that would handle NetOnNet's products here that would later be shipped to the Batics, among other places - that's the little I know," he said.

Kronoberg Police Commissioner Malena Grann says that no one is yet suspected on good grounds, and that they can't yet see what there would have been to gain from setting this up, and are investigating this now. 

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