E Riksdagsledamoten Veronica Palm (S) erachi dla upre andi policia e dujte vice talman Björn Söder (SD. Foto: SVT
MP Veronica Palm (left) reported Björn Söder to the police. Photo: SVT

Deputy speaker reported to police for statement on Facebook

Social Democrat MP Veronica Palm filed a police report on Thursday against the second deputy speaker of Parliament, Björn Söder, after he made a comment on his Facebook page about the attack this week against Charlie Hebdo in Paris.

Söder, a Sweden Democrat, had written: "the religion of peace has shown its face", and Palm wants the police to investigate whether this constitutes the crime of incitement to racial hatred.

"When he writes this, there's a risk that it will have a normalizing effect," says Palm. "He is a speaker and should represent the whole population."

Olof Ruin, a political science professor, reacted strongly to what Söder wrote, calling it "inappropriate, chocking and embarrassing for Sweden to have such a speaker."

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