File photo: Karin Malmhav/TT
File photo: Karin Malmhav/TT

Woman evicted due to noisy sex

A woman in Skövde, southern Sweden, has been evicted from her apartment because she is too noisy... including when she has sex, Swedish Radio News Skaraborg reports.

Neighbours say they have had to use earplugs to sleep during the night.

"It has been really tough since she met her 'old man'" one neighbour told the regional rent tribunal, "they are noisy when they have sex, and play loud music at night".

Another said: "Just this Monday and Tuesday we had to sleep with earplugs. We still woke up to screaming at three in the morning."

The woman has been warned several times by her landlord to quieten down, Swedish Radio reports, but with no effect. The Svea court of appeal has now decided she has to leave her rental apartment by the middle of March.

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