File photo: Fredrik Sandberg/TT
File photo: Fredrik Sandberg/TT

Anti-hunt activists disturb hunters

Anti-hunting activists were out in the forests during the weekend, disturbing hunters in the ongoing wolf hunts in Värmland and Örebro country, Swedish Radio News reports.

One group, called the Anti Poaching Unit, has been active since 2007, and according to hunters in Värmland they were out and about in Värmland county on Saturday and Sunday.

"Yesterday we were visited by the Anti Poaching Union who fight illegal hunting", Gunnar Glöersen from the Swedish Hunting Federation told Swedish Radio Sunday evening, "but we are a legal hunt based on a decision by the authorities."

The activists are alleged to have photographed the hunters and their registration numbers.

Conny Andersson, from the APU, says they are not against the wolf hunt, as it is legal, but want to make sure no illegal activities take place.

"The hunt is carried out by private individuals and far from everyone knows how legal hunts should be done. Many mistakes could be made, including criminality, and it is important to be there", he told Swedish Radio.

Twenty of the 36 permitted kills have now been made in Värmland and Örebro.

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