Krokom municipality town hall

Managers deny responsibility for work suicide

Two managers who were found guilty of driving an employee to suicide will have their case taken up by the appeals court.

The employee, a social worker for Jämtland council, took his own life in 2010 after experiencing extreme stress at work. He had asked to be moved to a different department, but instead got a written warning from his managers, who said they were willing to fire him.

So in February 2014, in the first case of its kind, the managers were found guilty of not doing their duty to prevent sickness and accidents at work at the Krokoms social services.

But the manager’s defence says it is really the HR department that has this responsibility, and the appeals court should look into whether it was earlier events in the man's life that were the true cause of his suicide.

After being found guilty the managers were given suspended sentences and fined. The council wanted to keep them in their jobs, but the managers were eventually suspended by the council, after negotiations with the union.

The representative of union Vision said when staff heard the bosses were keeping their jobs there was an outbreak of crying in the offices.

A decision from the appeals court is expected in early February, reports Swedish Radio News.


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