The sufferers' asociation says "electricity allergy" is not a mental illness. Phоtо: Andréa Kvick/Flickr
The sufferers' association say their "electricity oversensitivity" symptoms are not caused by mental illness. Phоtо: Andréa Kvick/Flickr

Millions of kronor to "electromagnetic hypersensitivity" group

The national assocation of people who describe themselves as having electromagnetic hypersensitivity (Elöverkänsligas Riksförbund) gets millions of kroner in state support every year, despite the condition not being recognized by doctors or researchers.

Swedish TV news reports the association got SEK 9 million in the last five years, hundreds of thousands more than the associations for Alzheimer's, leukemia, HIV and lung cancer.

Many people in Sweden say they suffer from this sensitivity, with reported symptoms including extreme tiredness, but scientists have found the suffering continues even when people are not exposed to electromagnetic fields, says Dr. Lena Hillert, at the Karolinska Institute.


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