Elsa and Lucas are top names for Swedish newborns in 2014

How to choose a baby name in Sweden
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Elsa and Lucas were the most popular names for Swedish newborns in 2014.

Lucas, with 860 Swedish babies getting that name, also topped the charts for 2013, but Elsa, with 850 babies, marked a new top choice for girls replacing Alice, according to figures from Statistics Sweden. Elsa's climb up the rankings could be to do with the popular Disney film FROZEN which features a princess called Elsa.  

Katharina Leibring, a name researcher at the Institute for Language and Folklore in Uppsala told Radio Sweden that popular culture plays a part in the choice of name but family links are still important.

"We still choose names with family ties and 75 percent of children who were given a name in 2010 for example, had a name with a family connection going back three generations."

Lucas, William, and Oscar have held the top three boys spots for seven years.

Top 10 girls
(2013 ranking in parentheses)

1. Elsa (3)
2. Alice (1)
3. Maja (2)
4. Agnes (11)
5. Lilly (12)
6. Olivia (8)
7. Julia (5)
8. Ebba (6)
9. Linnea (17)
10. Molly (15)

Top 10 boys
(2013 ranking in parentheses)

1. Lucas (1)
2. William (2)
3. Oscar (3)
4. Oliver (4)
5. Liam (7)
6. Elias (10)
7. Hugo (5)
8. Vincent (13)
9. Charlie (6)
10. Alexander (8)

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