Säkerhetspolisens lokaler i Solna. Foto: Claudio Bresciani/TT
The Säpo sign. Photo: Claudio Bresciani/TT

Around 20 war criminals sheltered by Sweden

Asylum-seekers who have had connections to terrorist organizations are seen as a security risk are being surveilled by the Swedish Intelligence Service, Säpo, according to Swedish Radio News.

Swedish Radio P4 Östergötland reports that at least 20 asylum seekers, suspected of war crimes in for example Syria, got temporary residence permits last year in Sweden.

They do not have the right to asylum, but because they are at risk of being killed or tortured in their native countries, they are not allowed to be deported, either. Therefore, they receive temporary residence permits while they wait until conditions to change back home so that their deportations can be carried out.

During this time, Säpo keeps a watchful eye on them, but is tight-lipped about the details.

The local police also keeps tabs on these problematic asylum-seekers. Säpo press secretary Fredrik Milder explains that a person who has been denied entry to Sweden, but whose deportation has not been able to be enacted, has to report to the police station a number of times each week in order, so the authorities can make sure they have not fled or left the area.

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